The International Business of Curls group is my way of giving back what I've learned after more than twenty years of entrepreneurship and being a professional braider. Inspired by a love of travel, culture, education, and a belief that everyone deserves to see their hard work manifest as the life they desire. It is my desire to assist beauty business professionals building sustainable, profitable It is a network of curly specialists and hairdressers from around the world supporting one another. Services will include Business Consulting and Coaching in the areas of  Operations, Project Management, Team-Building, Energy and Environmental Design,  and Wellness for hairstylists and salon owners.There will be opportunities for travel, scholarships, global education, apprenticeships, self-care, access to mentors and more!


Holistic consulting is an assessment methodology and a framework for generating a specific plan tailored to the specific needs of each client. Every aspect of your business is examined to formulate a plan that helps you successfully meet your goals, align with your vision, and detox what is not working.  We work with every member of your team from the top to the very bottom. Results are enhanced with our follow-up visits and consultation to make sure your service is a success.